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Welcome to Geek-For-Hire!

What is Geek-For-Hire?

Simply put, Geek-For-Hire is an online consultancy service which provides you with IT-related services for a very low cost combined with quality support and service. I take great pride in providing immediate support to my clients - if you've got a project or problem, I am only an e-mail or an IM or an SMS message away!

How much does it cost?

It depends on the project. Usually, I charge at an hourly rate of US$ 30 (for all non-iPhone development work - the iPhone hourly rate is different) and will provide detailed reports of time spent on the project if you wish. Alternatively, we can discuss the project and once we've worked out the scope of the project, I can quote you a fixed fee for the entire project.

Please note that if the scope of the project changes, then the final fee for the project is liable to change as well. Before beginning work on any projects, I prefer a deposit equal to 50% of the estimated project cost paid up front.

Why is it so cheap?

Since I have no up front costs like that of maintaining a huge suite of offices or a large group of in-house coders, my costs are minimal. Plus, Geek-For-Hire is not aimed at the large corporate market but rather primarily at the SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) user who might need a cheap solution. If it's something quick and easy, I'll code it for you for a minimal amount. Better yet, I'll first try to find a solution that might satisfy your needs without any coding being involved at all! :)

Since it's so cheap, does it mean that the quality of the work will suffer?

Not at all! I love solving problems and once you set me on a problem, I'll keep on trying to find a solution. If I can't find a solution for you, I'll refund your money. Plus, since I'm also a software user who knows how frustrating it is to use shoddy software or to have a developer not pay attention to your problems/complaints, I try to respond quickly to any complaints I receive. You'll always receive prompt responses from me and a solution as soon as I can come up with it!

Fahim helped us with two smaller projects and we were very happy with the results! He works hard and has great communication which is key when you are a freelancer. We will be using him again in the future and recommend him.

- Ben Welch-bolen, President at Bweeb Inc.

What kind of projects do you undertake?

I'll do almost anything IT related - coding, hardware/software troubleshooting, customized solutions or general consultancy. No job is too small or too big for me! I will even provide bug-fixing services for existing code that might have been written by somebody else.

What are the computer languages you'll work in?

I am familiar with a variety of languages though I haven't worked with some of them (such as Assembly, COBOL, Prolog, BASIC, Clarion) in ages. Of course, there are others - like Delphi, C/C++, C#, Java, VBScript, PL/SQL, XBase, Perl, PHP, Ruby, ActionScript and Objective-C - that I use on a (fairly) regular basis. Whatever the language (even if I haven't worked with it at all ...) I pride myself in being able to pick up things quickly and to be able to work with it and so, I probably can work with whatever you have in mind :p

Fahim has been a volunteer system administrator and moderator at a writing forum where I also volunteer. He co-moderates a technical support forum where he as offered appropriate, useful, and easy to follow technical support for some very naive users. He also provides tertiary level support for a variety of issues related to content management systems and scripting, and he is an experienced and informed sys admin for our heavily used (over 19K users) bulletin board system running on a colocated remotely adminned Unix system, where his experience as a Unix admin, SQL user, and PHP programmer have all been used. Fahim is exceedingly proficient as a writer, and incredibly patient; I'd love to be able to work with him in the real world, and heartily recommend him as a colleague and a person.

- Lisa Spangenberg, Volunteer Super Moderater and Admin, Absolute Write

Where are you based?

I'm not in the US. I'm in Sri Lanka, which is a small island nation off the tip of India. But no, I'm not Indian :)

Will you accept payment via PayPal?

Unfortunately, I can't. PayPal support is limited here in Sri Lanka - money can be sent out of Sri Lanka but you can't receive money via PayPal. This is not something I have control over since this is just the way PayPal operates over here. PayPal works differently in different countries - you can verify this from PayPal's own site.

So the only way to get payment to me is via bank transfer. I believe the transfer fees vary depending on your financial institution but it usually ranges from around $5 - $20 per transfer. So if that's an issue, I'm probably not a good match as a developer for you.